by Param Hirani

Peckham Radio purpose is to allow the youth, ages 16-20 to be able to learn the basics of radio and the equipment uses. The interview room allows the youth to spread their voice and opinions about Peckham and gentrification process happening. In addition, they can talk about the culture and how Peckham can be improved as a whole and how everyone can be supported fairly in all sorts of things, financially, finding a job etc. The mains parts of the building is the radio workshop, interview room and sound lobby where all activities will be held and where the youth can learn more in depth about the process and perhaps could interest them further and can form into a career. The materials used for this building especially, acoustic foam and Western Red Cedar play an important role as it helps the youth to spread their voice in private or anonymously. I believe Peckham Radio Project will help youth to reach out further and see great change and success within Peckham.