by Wizana Ahmed

This project regards a traditional Japanese type of theatre, - Noh Theatre, characterised by its simple and archaic features, it holds a strong focus on the division between reality and other, in this case the non-worldly realms. Inspired by the minimalism of Noh Theatre and the layering of fabric in a kimono outfit, the design focused on glass and fabric as visual connectors and physical separators. The emphasis of costumes prompted the idea to have curtains as ‘walls’, to segregate and create spaces. The façade is made from glass, creating no boundaries between the inside and outside. The curtains can be moved to create a more open space or can be kept close ensuring privacy. Highlighting, the public and private, within each of the layers. The curtains have different material properties, ranging from thick or sheer to further the non-worldly nature of the building against the vibrancy of Peckham.